Just Another Plea For A Better Tomorrow

by Ash Ludd

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released April 16, 2013

Ash Victim - acoustic guitar, vocals, bad piano
Dan Kemp - violin, mandolin, backing vocals
Sweep Sim - bass guitar
Joe Dobraszczyk - Accordion
Sarah Harrington - backing vocals in chorus of 'I Don't Want That Anymore'
Liam Pritchett - backing vocals at the end of 'Dead Alive'

The guy going crazy at the end of A Better Tomorrow is ChunkyMark. I stole the audio from one of his youtube videos. Go search him, he's great.




Ash Ludd Bristol, UK

scatty, travelling, banjo frailing, folk nerd.

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Track Name: Making Sense Talking Nonsense
I'm trying to make sense of a world where there is no sense
and it's just a waste of my time but I've got plenty of that to waste
and life's all about perspectives but my perspective is fucked
I used to believe in nothing but I can't even believe in that anymore

My poetry is shit but I've got to get these thoughts out
My songwriting sucks but when I do it I pour my heart out
and I haven't got much heart left but still I try
and once my heart is gone I'll sacrifice the rest of my insides

I'm just talking nonsense but it makes a lot of sense to me
You are talking sense but I don't understand
I don't know if it matters and I don't know if I care
And I'm not quite sure if I want to find out

I was running fast and I thought I got away
But then I tripped and fell down a drain
And I am stuck in here looking for a way out
But I can't see shit, there's no light to guide me out

I've got no one to talk to so I talk to my guitar
But talking to an object can only go so far
I'm searching for something that cannot be found
Because that something is nothing that exists inside this world
Track Name: If We Don't Find Utopia
I'm falling to pieces and wasting away
I haven't been clean or sober in days
I stay up late every single night
Trying to find some direction in my life
But I'm so dizzy, I'm spinning around
I can't make any sense of this world
It seems everybody wants me dead
And I wish I could say that I disagree with them

Well almost anything would be better than this
So let's stand together and raise our fists
Let's bring every single government down
We can build ourselves a better world
Well I keep going on about how I want change
But I never contribute in any way
My apathy keeps on beating me down
And sometimes I think change could only mean burning the world

If we don't find utopia in my lifetime
I hope we at least reach a better dystopia than this
Where we all get drunk and watch the world burn
Dance in the ruins and finally learn
What it is like to feel free
From the constraints of society
We'll sleep on the hilltops under the stars
We won't need no houses, we won't need no cars
Because soon we'll be dead just like everyone else
But at least we'll be free for a while
Track Name: Dead Alive
My world fell apart last night but you stitched it back together again this morning
and it's not perfect, there are cracks all over but I think that this imperfection is beautiful
and now I feel alive, yeah I can breathe and I can fly into the sky
and if I've learned anything on how to survive it's that now I'm dead I am so much more alive

But now it's getting hard to breathe
And I'm falling onto my knees
My vision blurs and I start to choke
I start to wonder "is there any hope?"
But then a voice whispered in my ear
And said it's not time for you to disappear
So I pulled myself up again
And I decided that I wasn't going to die
No, not this way

There's a bomb in all of our hearts and one of these days they're going to explode
But I don't know where the detonator is or when and where it's going to be triggered
I don't know how much life is worth but some arseholes think that it's less than a bankers bonus
Or the price of the oil that the west suck up from the blood soaked earth of the middle east

I'm watching buildings burning down and it makes me imagine another world
where we can live with one another in peace
But first we've got to burn this world we've got to burn fascist idealogies right down
because they're disgusting, they're sick
But we've also got to save ourselves, we've got to take responsibility back into our own hands so we can say fuck the state without being hypocrites
Track Name: I Don't Want That Anymore
All my childhood I wanted to escape
I wanted to go to outer-space
I would be a spaceman when I grew up
I would fly off in my rocket and live on Mars
But then I realised that I would be alone
And I do not think that I could cope
Not that I'm not already lonely here on earth
But I think that up there it might be worse

So I don't want to be a spaceman anymore
No, I don't want to be a spaceman anymore
I don't want to be a spaceman anymore

What I want is to live on earth but I don't call what we're doing living
What we're doing is sleepwalking to the kitchen drawer where we keep the knives
Picking up a knife and heading back to bed where we end up cutting off our loved ones head
And when we wake up all covered in blood we will realise the horror of what we've done

So I don't want to sleepwalk anymore
No, I don't want to sleepwalk anymore
I don't want to sleepwalk anymore
Track Name: Just Another Plea
This song's just another plea
I don't want to loose faith in everybody
But when you tell me this is just how life is
I don't know whether to resist or accept it
And I don't want to be a pessimist
But there seems to be little option
When you keep on treating people like shit
And I've had enough of it

I'm feeling empty and uninspired
I cannot sleep but I am tired
I'm loosing faith in myself
and also in everybody else
I can't translate these thoughts to words
I can't explain how much that hurts
All I hear is people crying
And news reporters lying

I'm on the verge of giving up
I feel so drained I've had enough
When nobody cares for anyone but themselves
I feel so helpless trapped in this selfish world
I know that there are some out there
Some people who do really care
But they seem a thousand miles away
and they probably feel just as trapped as me

I don't believe we have to be
Full of hateful insanity
But that's what we have become
As we empty the air from our lungs
Some say that it's human nature
I think that's a lie to make you
Think that things can't be changed
How can we know nature when we're caged?

Okay life sucks but I just want
A little bit more of a response
Let's stop acting like the living dead
and let's start using our heads
If anyone out there is awake
Please scream with me now
I don't want to die in this world
I want to build a better one now

I need someone to show me that this world's worth trying to save
Because lately I've been feeling like it might already be too late
I need someone to show me that there's something worth fighting for
Because lately I've been questioning everything that I thought I stood for
Track Name: A Better Tomorrow
Call me selfish, call me mad, call me a fucking psychopath
But I don't want to contribute to a society that makes me want to puke

I see the pictures of the dead and it makes me feel sick
And I've been thinking if only they were the corpses of the rich
Because maybe then there'd be no more wars like this
But no, they're the bodies of the poor and so I wish I didn't exist
It makes me feel so sick

You tell me I should shut my gob and just be happy with what I've got
But it looks like I'll be wasting my days lining some rich pricks pockets while I get a minimum wage

You say I'll never get anywhere with an attitude like that
You say that I am bound for despair but it's already too late for that
And anyway, why should I give a shit about your society
When it doesn't give a shit about me?
No it doesn't give a shit about me

You ask me what I'm doing with my life and I'll be honest I don't have a clue
But I'll fire that question straight back at you so you'd better be thinking of an answer too

You say that I have no ambition but I'll tell you now that that's not true
I've got a lot of things that I'd love to do but I haven't got the money to buy the land
To build the house where I live with my friends where we grow our own food and do whatever we want to do
We help out others and build a community and work towards the world
The kind of world that we'd like to see