Songs For The Restless

by Ash Ludd

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Stripped-down recordings of songs about travelling and trying to work out how I want to live, as well as various other things. My previous EP was more of a representation of how the songs sound in my head, whereas, this EP is more a representation of how I sound live when my band can't make it, which is quite a lot of the time. These songs were a desperate attempt at writing songs that can work on their own without extra instrumentation, unlike my previous work. They were recorded with one mic, a broken guitar, a sore throat, shitty cheap harmonicas and shitty free recording software (Audacity). <3 Lo-Fi.

Pay what you want but if you have anything to spare it's really helpful. I have no job.


released July 30, 2013

All songs written, performed and recorded by Ash Victim.
Album art also by Ash Victim.




Ash Ludd Bristol, UK

scatty, travelling, banjo frailing, folk nerd.

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Track Name: Outlaw Song
I've been lost and I've been found, I've searched for love until I was all worn out but I never found anything close in one single town. These sticks and stones they may break my bones but they can also build me a home in every town I stop in on this long hard road.

I'll keep walking, I'll keep running, I'll keep travelling, travelling along and I'll sure as hell keep on singing my songs. I'll sure as hell keep singing my songs.

I've been through so many towns and they all look the same with the local shops closed down, they've all been replaced with corporate chain stores now. I'll smash their windows, I'll glue their locks, I'll steal their shit if they like it or not and I'll never let the law stop me, no.

I'll be killing fascists, robbing bankers, swearing and swearing that I ain't doing no wrong and I'll sure as hell keep on singing my songs, I'll sure as hell keep singing my songs.

Well people say I should repent my sins, I should go to church, I should let god in but the sinners life seems such a sweeter way to live.
Track Name: Waltz For The Restless
I hope that this plane doesn't land, I'm not ready for solid ground, I hope it keeps flying forever, I'm not ready for what awaits me down there. I know I'll keep walking the same road, same road I've been walking for years and I'll feel like I'm going the wrong way but be too hungover to care. I'm walking straight but I can't help but think things should be more straight-forwards than this. My thoughts are fragmented, I'm losing my mind, someone please pick up the pieces. I just want a simple existence but existence is complicated, I have so many ideals but they so often clash leaving me stuck in this dull in-between. I'm exhausted and choking on fumes of everyone's bullshit, including my own. I've got a throat infection but I keep screaming, my wrist aches but I keep writing. I'm hot then I'm cold and I've sold my soul and the devil's gonna be pretty pissed when he finds out it's worthless, broken and can't be fixed, so broken it cannot be fixed. I've got a ticket straight to hell but when I get there I'll break right out because I'm far too restless to stay in one place and I've got so much life left to waste.
Track Name: Searching For A Life Well Spent
I tear myself from my bed again, fed up with all these sickening trends that are making my days all seem the same, all that I ever wanted was a little bit of change because this life beats us all down in different ways, but how many times can we pick ourselves back up again until we can pick ourselves back up no more? Each fall is just another nail into the coffin door. So I'll write a hundred letters that I will never send and I'll burn your picture so I don't have to see you again and I'll set the flames upon this house if the memories refuse to end and I'll run, run, run on into the night in the search of a life well spent. I obsess over things that I know can't exist, I was born with a heart broken into pieces and I've spent my life trying to get it fixed but every time I get close someone comes and smashes it but I don't need a doctor, I don't need a priest, I am nothing special, I just sit around and grind my teeth and if anyone offers I refuse their help, this is something that I've got to get though for myself. My legs will keep running, my eyes will keep leaking, my head will keep spinning as I hope my heart stops beating. I'm too alone to be drunk, I'm too hopeless to be sober, I can't get to sleep, I won't admit that this day's over.
Track Name: Broken Glass & a Lost Soul
The city is in ruins, the bottle is in my hands, there's broken glass everywhere and I'm too exhausted to move. I wake up the next morning, I wipe the dust from my eyes, I take in my surroundings and then pass out for another few hours. I don't know which way I'm going just yet but I know that I'm not coming back because I've been walking for far too long on the same old dusty track. I'll swim through the lakes, I'll stagger through the mist, I'll climb the highest ruins and stare out at the broken bricks to be free from the world, free from myself, free from the memories and pretty much everything else. The glass cut my shoes into pieces so now I walk along barefoot and the glass is cutting into my feet but I'll shut out the pain and press on. I don't know why I keep moving, It's the same landscape everywhere, but I guess it's automatic, I've become a machine, I've been doing this for years and years.
Track Name: Born At Odds With The World
I love travelling around but it terrifies me to because chances are I'll meet someone I get attached to. It's crazy how quickly a friendship can form sometimes and how quickly I'll miss them when I leave them behind. I get attached to the people I meet far too easily, sometimes a conversation can seem to mean the whole world to me but words aren't sufficient to explain how I feel right now and I know my songs can't say much at all, they're just unnecessary sounds. I'll be heading out of town feeling so down about the things I should have send and all the things I never did and I hope you're thinking of me but I know that you won't be so I'm hurting like hell, born at odds with the world. I hate being home bound because I don't feel at home in this house, a house with no one in except for a ghost and myself, but I'll lock myself in here and try to shut out the pain and I'll try to forget about you so I won't spend so much money on the train. But I can't just keep myself locked up, no, I've got a craving for freedom, I've got to keep on searching for a world I'm happy to live in and that world can never be if I'm locked indoors and alone so I'll head back out on the same old trail and just hope that I find a new home.